Anonymous: how would taehyung, suga, and jungkook react to walking in on you masturbating?

Lololol idk why this is so funny to me ~

Taehyung wouldn’t originally notice. He’d walk into the bedroom, see you lying there, and say, “Oh, you’ve already gotten in bed.” He’d slip off his shirt, change from jeans to sweat pants, and slide in bed next to you.

“Goodnight, yeobo.” He’d say before planting a kiss on your cheek. After about a minute or two, he’d sit up, look in your direction, and say, “Wait a minute…”

Suga would have no reaction. He’d immediately go up to you, kiss your lips, and replace your fingers with his.

“Is everything okay-?” Jungkook would start since he’d hear you calling his name. He’d stop and close the door quickly, noticing what you were doing. He’d laugh to himself, slightly amused that you called out him name during masturbation. After a moment, he’d reopen the door, fold his arms, and smile at you. “You were calling me?”

Haha, why is this so hilarious to me? xD thanks for submitting lmao. This is my last one for the night, so I’m glad I got to laugh hehe. Thanks again! ~

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